Sales Process

What is it Sales process is a path to follow to succesfully onboard a Client. It has its pitstops you should achieve. Shortcuts are also possible but they invrease risk of failure. Being sure you carefully follow the steps - gives biggest chances to success. Why you need one Sales process is a company asset. It tells what steps, tools and which approach is right one for that particular company. Without it your company is on a high risk because: it is impossible to estimate precisely predictable sales quota on facts and numbers. You can only guess based on guts and feelings. it can be hard to get any informations regarding your sales productivity, where it needs attention you can not measure

Client happiness through Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net Promoter Score is a tool which helps you measure the evaluation of your Client loyalty. It is an alternative to satisfaction surveys of services or products. It is ranked as one of the most important indicators as it is coreleted with revenue growth. Questions can be: "How likely are you to recommend service to a colleague or a friend?" Responder can rate your product or service in a scale from 1 to 10. from 1 to 6 This means your customers are unhappy and this can threaten reputation of your business. You should immediately take action steps other way you will loose your Client or even you will create an angry frustrate who will put his venom everywhere (if things will get worse). You d

V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures.

Let's have a brief look on a method which will help you to align your organisation with your goals. V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures. Vision: Is the painted picture of future goal. The better you will describe it. The bigger chances of immersion it wil have. Values Represents principles or beliefs that are most important to you when you follow towards the vision. They guide you everyday. Methods Represents the actions you take to achieve your vision. Obstacles Are problems that block your progress. If you will identify them in advance - you have bigger chances to find the way to resolve them before they will appear. Measures Tells you when you succesfully accomplished your

Make better Business in 2017 with these tools

You have seen that Bert face? I had the same when I found couple of useful time saving tools in my everyday work. I want to save you that feeling. I have decided to share with you tools which helps to do good job faster. Hope you will share yours tools or opinions of using them in comments. Presentation One place to manage your profile photos Gravatar Image is worth a thousand words they say Burst Enrich you presentation with Videos Pexels Share the data in attractive way - infographic Piktochart Productivity Get informations about a person you are contacting in a glance (GMail extension) Full Contact Schedule meetings hassle free Calendly You should take care of yourself or even let someone

Tools which can empower Software Development teams in 2017

Teams are making their job. There is still place to make more value from their efforts. We are living in great times where there are thousands of professional tools and anyone can afford most of them as they are Software As A Service. I would like to present you list of tools which are succesfully used by on of the best teams. Tools which increase performing teams output Software Development team recruitment RemoteInterview Time tracking Harvest Toggl Timely Software Development Process Configuring, deploying and scaling the apps Hosting and Maintenance of Source code (GitHub) GitLab Tests (Travis CI) Continous Deployment (D

How to spot right Software Development Company

You are planning to build your dream software tool. Probably you even know what problems your target profile users have and how your tool will help resolve them. The only thing you need is the product. You have made a decision to delegate software development to professionals instead of building software and maybe even a team by your own. This is smart move. We live in a time of sharing economy. Process of building software requires experience, talents and right management. The question is are you prepared to pick the right company you will cooperate with. This decision will have big consequences to you and your business for long time so be sure you are well prepared. Be sure you made the

Teams win over individuals.

Why teams are better than individuals? How to recognize high performance team. What tools help to empower development team.