Flight tickets buying guide

Aggregator websites These are the ones that you can use to search for plan tickets. They compare th eoffers of the air companies. Simple way to find tickets at the lowest price. Most popular aggregator websites are: Google Flights SkyScanner Kayak Different search engines can sort results differently. It can result to 10% of the full ticket cost! Don't miss their great features as email subscriptions to track price changes! Time of a day Try to pick least traffic times at airports and while commuting. It can save you a lot of time (and money). Departure day Flight tickets prices depends on the departure days. Most of the time the cheapest days are those in the middle of the week Tuesday, Wed

11 timeless strategies for sustainable business

People made a progress from riding a horses to autonomous electric cars. Sustainable business is accompanied by one of a handful of timeless strategies: Faster solutions to problems. Lower prices. Greater Control over your time. Greater transparency More choices. Added comfort. Entertainment/curiosity. Deeper human reactions. Less collateral damage. Higher social status. Increased confidence / trust. There is no big chance people will stop caring of them in the future so you can consider long-term bets on these things. #stategy #business #sustainability #progress