6 Sales methodologies.

How to increase sales performance, hit quarterly sales targets, drive predictable revenue - these are the questions which entrepreneurs, CEO's, sales managers asks themselves. Sales methodology which fit into your industry, customers specific and size and complexity of your deals might increase sales performance and team morale. We would like to help sales leaders to briefly present them their options. We picked sales methodologies that are appropriate for complex B2B sales environments. Predictable Revenue Developed by: Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler Sold by: Book and trainings Primary Focus: Process and techniques for b2b sales teams. Sales specialization system and outbound sales process. It

How to make a quarterly or annual company planning.

We have all been in a place where when it comes to annual planning where are going into details and get frustrated that we shall kick off execution. Just couple of months later to abandon the plan. Why to reinvent the wheel as we can make out of others experiences. Particulary seven year at Airbnb and ten years at Eventbrite (Neils Gilbreth , Lenny Rachitsky). So lets have a look at "W Framework", a step by step process for quarterly and yearly planning with plug-and-play templates (like this one) Company Strategy Mission: To drive innovation in digital world by delivering robust software solutions. Vision: To create remote software development company by connecting tech talents around the g

3 Social Media metrics that matter.

Tracking consistently those 3 social media measurements over time you will be able to understand impact of your social media activity and ma

Competitor analysis tools to increase website traffic in 2020

Are you working tirelessly on your site performance and wondering how it compares to the website of your competitors? Being aware not only of your company's weaknesses and strengths but competitors can be a solid foundation on which you can set strategy. It might be also a breath of inspiration. You can grasp a piece of knowledge on how your company rank on a market. Recent years have led to the creation of plenty of marketing tools. I have created a list of benchmarking tools that hopefully might help you in benchmark analysis. This quote can also give some additional inspiration: “All men work more zealously against their enemies than they cooperate with their friends.” – Caesar quoted in

Porter's five forces framework.

Porter's five forces framework is a helpful tool for companies which are about to start a business or entering a new industry. This article might be helpful for business oriented people (owners, c-levels, managers, consultants). It helps in analyzing the level of competition within a certain industry. Competition in an industry depends on five forces: 1.The threat of new entrants 2. Bargaining power of suppliers. 3. Bargaining power of buyers. 4. The threat of substitute products or services 5. The threat of existing competitors. The collective strength of these forces determines the profit potential of and industry and thus its attractiveness. If all of the five forces are intense (e.g. piz

Porter's five forces.

Looking for a way to analyze the level of competition within certain industry? You're in the right spot. Porter's five forces might help.