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A Software House to gain international exposure

About the Subject:

A software house that gives cross-functional agile teams. Developers and designers provide professional outsourcing services and create innovative apps, offer software development, quick prototyping service, code audit and maintenance.


After successful years on polish market company gain experience and decided to enter international market. There was a need to get know how of how do set proper strategy.


Analysis of the past project management, sales and marketing efforts helped to:

  • create a mission, vision statement of a company

  • project management policy

  • implementing agile methodology

  • implementing kanban board methodology

  • create customer journey path

  • create ideal customer profile

  • sales and marketing vision along with execution strategy

  • create marketing team and hire team members

  • close cooperation between marketing and sales using SCRUM

  • new organic customer acquisition channels 

  • design and document the sales process

  • audit of sales interactions

  • choose and implement CRM system

  • creating sales pitch

  • sales best practices


Mistery Client, digital presence audit, sales process audit, social selling, generating new sales channels, channel partner sales, hiring marketing team, .


Company gained international exposure which led to grow international Clients to 78%.

Future Plans:
Company is in dynamic growth phase.

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