• Paul Majchrzak

Are you working on a right things?

Many times you are asking yourself whether task which pop ups right now is something you should start work on immediately or schedule it for later. Maybe it even come to your mind to delegate the task to someone else or you think of not doing it as it may be energy and time waster.

Would you like to increase your productivity and eliminate behaviors which suck up mental energy. If for 2 of those questions your answer is yes - then go on read below.

The simple way to work on your productivity is to organize on tasks that matter. This mean to work on them in right time by right people. The strategy which can help is Eisenhower Matrix. This method is also often called urgent - important Matrix. Great thing about it is also that it can be used for your daily planning and weekly planning as well.

We can call it decision making tool. It help to separate actions based on four decisions

  1. Urgent and Important (tasks to do now)

  2. Not urgent and important (tasks to schedule for later)

  3. Urgent but not important (tasks to delegate)

  4. Not urgent and not important (task to not to do at all)

Quadrant 1

Do first

Those task are Urgent and Important as well. They are critical for your actions. You need to execute them right away. They need to be executed to avoid negative consequences.

Quadrant 2

Do it later

Task in here is not urgent but important. These are important for long term goals. You should invest majority of your time on those tasks.

Quadrant 3

Delegate it

Those are the task that are not getting you closer to your goals. They can seem to urgent as they happen but they are not.

Quadrant 4

Eliminate it

Avoid it. Free up some much needed time.

So just sketch you matrix on blank page and start planning your tasks right. Share your thoughts in comments please!

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