• Paul Majchrzak

BOFu, MOFu, TOFu - are you fammiliar with these terms?

Updated: Feb 21

Probably you heard about BoFu, MoFu, ToFu already. For some of us it can be a bit blurry or even something completely new. Let's go through it and make it clearer.

BoFu, MoFu, ToFu is reflecting into marketing funnel. It represent 3 different stages of the buyers journey on a marketing funnel. Bottom of the Funnel, Middle of the Funnel, Top of the Funnel.

As it is a part content marketing - which type of content to promote to further each section of the funnel for prospects and customers. Your content should be different based on which part of funnel your customers are in. Better targeted Right content delivered at the right time helps to move the prospect through the funnel.

ToFu - Top of the Funnel

Here we will find interested prospects and occasional readers. It is hard to distinguish them so we need to target all of them. The content for ToFu we are willing to serve are content pieces that add value:

  • tips&tricks

  • infographic

  • to do lists

  • introduction educational content

MoFu - Middle of the Funnel

Potential customers at this stage would like to get as many information about your service or product as they can. They should be extended by arguments behind why their company would benefit by using it.

Share the:

  • customer reviews

  • customer stories

  • testimonials

that highlight their success using your service or products. Maybe you could organise a conference call or a webinar with expert to give them more value and prove your are subject matter expert. Show the assets that physically show reason why they should buy your product or service or partner with you.

BoFu - Bottom of the Funnel

It is your target as marketer to bring leads the way down the funnel so they are close to become a sale. It is the time to convert those leads into sales. They probably expressed interest in your service or product - downloaded some content marketing piece. You should deliver the types of content which helps your readers to make a buying decision: case studies, tip sheets, how-to guides,to help customers get started.

Biggest issue with of qualified lead is they are not ready to make a purchase when they first convert. What was my big mistake in the beginning of the career as a sales rep? I tried to be nice and soft but I did an old forms of selling like scheduling next touch, making phone calls and pushing for a sale.

This is where BMT comes with help - it is nurturing your inbound leads through content creation and related promotional tactics. But this is a topic for another blog post.

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