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8-week practical course "Account Based Marketing" with Pawel Majchrzak

 Intensive work on cutting through the noise of information and reaching the customer-tailored to the needs of your Software House

Unleash the full potential of your business

Build a relationship with a client closely tailored to your company's needs during a video call, and maybe even start discussing your first project with them. Stand out from the information noise (spam emails, expensive access to dedicated digital products, ad campaigns or long-winded SEO tactics.  

You know best how important launching new projects is for:

Development of your business      

Dynamic revenue growth

Your development teams


Why Your Company Should Use Account Based Marketing

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How does the 8-week course go?

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Mits about Account Based Marketing 

1. You need a dedicated staff to write unique content messages for each prospect with whom you intend to engage.

2. You need to invest relatively large amounts in campaign tools - including access to software (tens to hundreds of thousands annually).

3. Only experienced companies that launch campaigns after months of training and preparation can benefit from ABM.

4. Campaigns last a year and more, require large capital, commitment.

None of the above about ABM is true.

What customers say:

Mikolaj Lehman GMI Group


"Paul has been supporting GMI for almost 2 years. No matter if you meet with him for 5 minutes or 8 hours, you can always be sure that Pawel will provide you with as much valuable knowledge as possible. The most important thing is that this knowledge is based on years of experience in different environments and situations. If you want to accelerate your conquest of the software development industry, then Paul will be an inspiring partner to support you. Highly recommended! "

Find out my story

I first heard about ABM in 2009 as a sales director in a 100 person software house. I came across a company that offered ABM campaigns with training and use of a dedicated software tool. I left my details to contact the sales representative. At the end of the first conversation, the company's representative told me that we would not start cooperation because they did not qualify us for potential cooperation (too low turnover). I asked about the price of the service and the annual subscription started from about 85 000 PLN net. We decided to implement the tactic on our own.

In 2018. I revisited the topic and found that we had largely operated with marketing and sales teams consistently with Account-Based Marketing during our several-year career. Without fully realising it....


Pawel Majchrzak


By choosing to attend the 8 week course "Account Based Marketing" you will receive:

Practical training for Account Based Marketing.

Practical social selling training on LinkedIn.

Practical training on how to effectively attend events where your dream clients are present.

A campaign plan tailored to your team's capacity and budget.

Focus on strategy and proven tactics in the form of campaigns (as opposed to generic theoretical advice with no coverage and useless tools).

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