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I am passionate about working on building software digital products with agile software development teams.
 Since 2004 I fulfilled several roles with a software development environment, these vary from
  • management
  • head of business development
  • business consultant
  • product manager
  • project manager
  • scrum master
  • graphic animator (Flash)
  • graphic designer 
Since 2013 my key areas of expertise is growth of software development company by building predictable and scalable revenue model and high performance teams. To implement such model I needed to work closely with:​
  1. software development teams
  2. business developers
  3. sponsors of the projects (mostly customers)
I am passionate professional who:
  • has 12 years of experience in building software development company
  • has experience in forming and managing software development teams
  • has 12 years of inside sales experience - in B2B outsourcing / SaaS vertical
  • is consummate multi-tacker who can wear multiple hats
  • has proven track record exceeding quota (15% y/y))and activity based goals
  • is able to manage a transactional sales process - from prospecting to close
  • is comfortable with outbound calling
  • bias towards immediate action and results
  • willingness to learn and adapt
  • has enthusiasm, energy, humor, and the ability to convey this through phone, email or video communications
  • has passion for people, music, art and sport

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"Time is the good friend to a good business and the enemy of the poor ones." Charlie Munger 

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