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Polish software house business growth acceleration

About the Subject:

A Software house that since 2007 concentrates on building reliable, extensible and scalable product by long-lasting partnerships with ongoing projects for international clients. They build their culture around transparency, communication, growing individual skills. Small dedicated teams of the best engineers, professional project management, fully-comprehensive UX/UI design, low turnover ratio - all that allows them to build long-lasting quality applications.


Aside of successful track record company was struggling to highlight its business value and accelerate its business growth potential.


In-depth audit showed that targeted customer profile wasn't accurate bringing low conversion rates. Since diagnosed appropriate steps were taken by delivering:

  • ideal customer profile

  • service offering

  • sales and marketing vision along with execution strategy

  • new organic customer acquisition channels 

  • agile sales and marketing team


Customer experience and digital presence audit. Acting as Head of Business Development for the implementation period.


Emphasized business potential helped to:

  • grow revenue by 42% YoY

  • grow profitability by 23% YoY

  • acquire 2 new long term internation customers

  • increase brand awareness

Future Plans:
Marketing and Sales team is executing the strategy which results overachieved goals while recruitment efforts are made to catch up.

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