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Polish Software House


Enabling German Wind farm company to increase profitability by building its innovative platform to manage their operations.


We provided a shortlist of a software development companies which can help to build a software platform. We have started by collecting the data about the technology stack, scope of the project, expected partner profile. We've used our network and reached to the group of available software houses teams which match the profile of software development company. We've created a efficient proces and then execute by scheduling an interviews, choosing right company and starting cooperation for 9 months.

Executive Summary:

 We were being asked to shortlist a software development company which can help to build a software platform. I started by gathering requirements and doing business analysis. Then I researched my network and reached to the group of available teams which match the profile of software development company. We've scheduled an interviews, conduct dozen of them and started cooperation for 9 months.

About the Subject:
A German wind farm company and well established polish software house with over 250 employees on board.


Challenges and Objectives:

Short deadlines with not clear requirements at the beginning. Many decision steps and postponed kick off meeting.  Process helped to organize it after all.

How Service Helped:

Software Platform was built on time. Both companies successfully completed their tasks thanks to this cooperation. Vast network of technology companies, advisory on Project Management matters, experience in shortlisting right software development companies made this cooperation feasible.


Wind farm company have achieved 23% increase in revenues thanks to platform. Software development company have extended its portfolio of another innovative project and gained new experience with domain knowledger.

"Shortly after reaching out we have scheduled an interviews with software development teams.  We were impressed how many passionate and talented engineers we could met and then work with making this whole thing work in such short amount of time."

Future Plans:
Team is already being scheduled for another project.

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