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About company

Visuality is your technology partner to help define the roadmap and build your new dream app. If you have an existing project, let them take it to the next level, improve performance and make sure your customers get the best experience.


Beyond its successes, the company has struggled to highlight its business value and accelerate its growth potential.


An in-depth audit revealed that the target customer profile was not accurate, resulting in a low conversion rate. Since diagnosis appropriate steps were taken by providing:
- the ideal customer profile
- service offering
- A sales and marketing vision with an implementation strategy
- new organic customer acquisition channels
- an effective sales and marketing team


Audit of customer experience and digital presence. Acting as Head of Business Development during the implementation period.


The focus on business potential has contributed to:
- increase revenue by 42% y/y
- increased profitability by 23% y/y
- acquire 2 new long-term international clients
- increase brand awareness

Future plans

The marketing and sales team is executing a strategy that results in targets being exceeded and recruitment is being driven to catch up.

Final results

Project gallery


Increase in revenue


Increase in after-sales and cross-selling


New clients acquired

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