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About company

Software house providing efficient, high quality and stable software for business and Oil & Gas, IT and e-commerce industries. Experienced software development engineers providing consultancy services and ready to take on challenging tasks aiming at and delivering web and mobile solutions.


Growing uncertainty about the possibility of acquiring new projects for implementation undermined the previous reactive approach to marketing and sales activities and the lack of acquisition of knowledge in this area.


Mentoring in marketing and sales theory. Preparing the brand for overseas expansion. Development of pricing and services, marketing and sales processes. Implementation of Account Based Marketing. Conducting a sales campaign in the territory of Germany, England. Training in sales, negotiations.


Service marketing, service pricing, customer success management, risk management, resource planning, negotiation, outbound sales


The new graphic brand identity along with the website and active participation in virtual events allowed us to start building relationships with over 86 contacts in organisations matching the Ideal Client Profile. The acquisition of knowledge in marketing (content marketing, lead generation, SEO, SEM, presentation services and relationship building) and sales (lead conversion, processes, tools, best practices) as well as practical activities has led to the organisation carrying out systematic activities to launch new sales opportunities.

Future plans

Marketing activities to date have enabled the launch of new projects and the need to expand the engineering team. The organisation continues its marketing and sales work.

Final results

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Sales opportunities


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