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About company

External and internal relationships within the company are built on the same principles of flexibility, authenticity and a win-win approach. Together with clients, they look for the form that best fits their needs.
They focus on innovative technologies. They are experts in React, Redux, Node.js, JavaScript, Meteor, Apollo, GraphQL,, blockchain (Solidity).


The considerable number of completed projects enabled the team to identify the projects and characteristics of the clients for whom the services provided bring the greatest value, but also satisfaction and opportunities for development for the team. There came a moment when the organisation had to do some work on acquiring these types of projects.


Marketing strategy


Analysis of competition, development of brand differentiators, selection of market niche, marketing strategy, development of brand communication strategy (website structure), development of channels for traffic generation for the website.


Awareness of the possibilities offered by B2B marketing of services, development of new channels for obtaining traffic and its conversion into customers, new website.

Future plans

Scale up the marketing and sales team to accelerate the company's growth.

Final results

Project gallery


Increase website traffic


Increase in sales opportunities generated


Increase sales conversions by developing social proof

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