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A Software House getting ready to scale its business team

About the Subject:

A Software house which build and host high-performance, premium-quality web apps. It is a focused on leading-edge solutions company dedicated to responsible, disciplined, directed and attentive coding culture. They produce reliable, predictable and powerful software in a teamwork oriented environment.


After many successful years the time has come to expand business development team. To do so it was necessary to set a sales process, tools, knowledge base, sales and marketing strategy for growth.


Analysis of the past sales and marketing efforts helped to build:

  • knowledge book

  • customer journey path

  • ideal customer profile

  • sales and marketing vision along with execution strategy

  • close cooperation between marketing and sales

  • new organic customer acquisition channels 

  • design and document the sales process

  • audit of sales interactions

  • sales best practices


Mistery Client, digital presence audit, sales process audit, social selling, generating new sales channels, channel partner sales.


Proper set of sales tools and knowledge made easy onboard of a new sales team members.

Future Plans:
Marketing and Sales team is using and maintaining the set of tools and principles.

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