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Grow your revenue and speed up your growth.

GET SPECIFIc, actionable best practices that YOU immediately put to use in your own organization.

Less Hassle. MorE hustle.


Our mission is to help software companies reach their potential.


We do it by implementing battle proof b2b service marketing tactics.


Professionalism, Transparency, Growth, Team work, Business ethics


Over 15 years experience in developing dedicated software companies

Paul Majchrzak is a founder and main advisor at Paul Majchrzak Consulting - a  consulting company implementing improvements in marketing, sales, and customer service for technological B2B companies since 2017.

He developed and implemented a strategy for over 20 clients, ensuring them stable, dynamic growth for years. He works closely with the teams responsible for marketing, sales, production (giving an example and trying to understand their needs and value ​to match them to their dream client).

Previously, he held managerial positions such as Head of Business Development in B2B technology companies, was a board member, co-owner (during the first decade of XSolve construction - now Boldare).

This allowed the sale of services on the markets - Western Europe, customers from the USA, Canada and the United Arab Emirates in the total amount of PLN 37,000,000 net.

Since 2007, his interests are in the area of ​​market research, marketing, sales of digital services and products, Account-Based Marketing, the Customer Journey Path and psychology.

Privately he is a husband and father of two children. Plays drums, ukulele, runs half marathons and sails on kitesurfing, windsurfing and yachts.


Knowledge-based expertise: 

Our values:

1. We operate in the marketing, sales, B2B services, software engineering space.

2. We advise on the full customer lifecycle: acquisition, service delivery (value and promise fulfilment), building long-term relationships). 
3 We use proven methods and tools but are constantly exploring new possibilities and offer timely experimentation in order to develop the optimal approach to achieve our goal.

4. We believe that marketing and sales, although having elements of the world of art, is based on knowledge. We create measurable processes and thus forecast future results.

5. we strive to deliver value quickly - first we focus on achieving the quickest possible results and the value of the activities we carry out. Then we carry out activities whose results can be seen in the long term.

6. We act according to an ethical code and perform only activities that create value for people. We do not do evil.

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