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What is your business challenge?


Sales effectiveness is critical in operations of sales team. Get to know:

  • latest sales technology stacks and how to adopt them.

  • how to improve repeating actions by automation and scheduling

  • how to enrich buyers experiences

  • more accurate sales forecasts

  • how to grow your deal sizes

  • shorten your sales cycle

  • how to tune up your conversion rate

  • ​outbound prospecting tactics,

  • team building, hiring and coaching done right

  • client experience with your sales team

5 sales methods

  • Predictable revenue model (Aaron Ross)

  • Sandler (process and techniques for individual seller and sales orders)

  • SPIN selling (A structured way of using four type of questions in sales calls)

  • Customer Centric (Enabling buyer to visualize your solution as a way to solve his problem, detaile process and tools)

  • Strategic Selling (Large complex selling 6 principles)

business development

Business development helps you scale your operations through partners. It is critical in every organization. Get to know:

  • how to set up a strategy

  • how to identify right partners (companies, organisations, experts)

  • what methods use to connect them

  • how to establish a relationship

  • how to measure the results

  • what KPI's to choose

  • inbound lead follow up

  • outbound prospecting tactics,

  • team building - hiring and coaching

outbound strategy

Would you like to expand your clients portfolio of new territories.  We can help you

  • prepare outbound prospecting tactics,

  • execute succesfull campaign

Scale up your sales Team

Companies face a capacity shortage in sales too. We are here to help you: 

  • reach your sales target quota

  • to exchange experience between a team experts

  • to share with you newest tools and techniques

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