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Advisory on business expansion on UAE market

Preparing a strategy for entering a new market is fundamental to the successful international expansion of any business.

An in-depth analysis of the chosen export market enables the creation of an entry concept and allows adequate preparation for such an undertaking.

Benefits for your organisation

Acquisition of expertise to facilitate the internationalisation of services in a selected territory (selection of markets, indication of cultural differences and business processes, analysis of the business environment, analysis of risks, development of a concept for entering a given foreign market, identification of initiatives supporting the achievement of objectives in the field of internationalisation, indication of the most effective marketing methods and tools, recommendations for preparing the company to operate in a given market, identification of contractors).

Course of cooperation


Identification of objectives, needs, resources concerning the project to be carried out.


Preparation of a market entry analysis and concept in the form of a report.


Presentation of the study.


Launch work towards internationalisation of services based on the knowledge acquired and consultation on the project.

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