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Cooperation between german wind farm and polish software house

About the Subject:

A German wind farm company and well established polish software house with over 250 employees on board.


German Wind Farm had lack of a software development team to build a platform which could improve its efficiency and increase profitability.


We have collected the business requirements for the software, advised on technology stack, scope of the project, expected software development partner profile. We provided a shortlist of a software development companies which can help to build a software platform.

We've created an efficient process which lead to start the project within 3 weeks.



 Sharing the know how and actual conditions about the polish software house market, software development process with software house, do's and don't in cooperation. Helping hand in some challenging  phases of the project. 


Software Platform was built on time. Both companies successfully completed their tasks thanks to this cooperation. 

Wind farm company have achieved 23% increase in revenues thanks to platform.

Software development company have extended its portfolio of another innovative project and gained new experience with domain knowledge.

"Shortly after reaching out we have scheduled an interviews with software development teams.  From the list of 3 we have choose the one which seems to be perfect for our needs. We started soon after and in 9 months job was done. It was well done."

Future Plans:
Software development team is working continuously on development of this digital product. 

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