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Tools which can empower Software Development teams in 2017

Teams are making their job. There is still place to make more value from their efforts. We are living in great times where there are thousands of professional tools and anyone can afford most of them as they are Software As A Service.

I would like to present you list of tools which are succesfully used by on of the best teams.

Tools which increase performing teams output

  1. Software Development team recruitment

  2. RemoteInterview

  3. Time tracking

  4. Harvest

  5. Toggl

  6. Timely

  7. Software Development Process

  8. Configuring, deploying and scaling the apps




  12. Hosting and Maintenance of Source code

  13. (GitHub)

  14. GitLab

  15. Tests (Travis CI)

  16. Continous Deployment (Docker

  17. Product Management

  18. Craft

  19. Project Management:

  20. Planning

  21. Team Week

  22. Team Gantt

  23. User Storises, Releases, Product Backlog, Issue Tracker:

  24. Wunderlist

  25. Trello

  26. Jira by Atlassian

  27. Target Process

  28. Communication and documentation

  29. Confluence

  30. Basecam

  31. Communication:

  32. Internal chat

  33. Microsoft teams

  34. Slack

  35. Website communication

  36. Intercom

  37. Survicate

  38. Smartsupp

  39. User onboarding

  40. Useronboard

  41. Appcues

I am looking forward to hear your opinion and tech stack or alternative tools.



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