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hr tools recommended for software development company.

Marketing and sales teams in B2B service companies constantly face the imbalance between demand and supply. Excess of supply means availability of specialists to provide the service and need for sales (demand). From the financial point of view generated costs should be covered by revenues and generate margins - preferably profit. In the opposite situation, when the demand exceeds the supply - we are dealing with a situation where there are fewer available specialists to provide services than contracted services. In the first example, sales is in a more difficult situation and may need an extra pair of hands to help. In the second case it is the HR team that can expect such help. This example is not uncommon in service companies. The ability of an organization to adapt to such new situations can be called an "agile" organization. This example is not theoretical - we have experienced it in several projects. It demonstrates the value of close cooperation between Sales, Marketing and HR departments. They can exchange to develop their skills, learn from a wider range of experiences and help if needed. When an out-of-the-ordinary situation arises (as in the example above), they can work together and make a significant difference in achieving the desired goal and reducing the time required to achieve it. In software development companies, HR people, one of the key ways they can help sales is to ensure they have up-to-date profiles of specialists showing hard and soft skills and experience gained. This is an important point of information for clients who want to know the teams they are going to work with on dedicated software development.

In this post we would like to share the tools that we had a chance to work with the best HR teams. But before we present our chosen solution let's start by answering some key questions.

Why use tools to support the work of the HR department?

  • They unify communication, strengthen transparency, and build a solid work culture. Most often, the decision to consider implementing new tools has a specific reason and is driven by a need. Therefore, it is important to make the decision to purchase at the time of being sure that the tool will bring real benefit and will be used on a daily basis.

How to choose tools for HR?

  • Analyze what deficiencies may exist in areas of your organization, listen to what team members say and what they suggest, what their friends in other companies use. Ask your colleagues on social media to stay up to date with the possibilities available on the market.

Are there free tools?

  • There are free trial periods or accounts for one or two users. A valuable tool (as a product) should be profitable so it must have a cost. If you do not have the budget to pay the full price - talk to the software developer. Chances are you will get preferential terms until your organization can pay the full price.

Here is a list of tools we have prepared by area of improvement:

Employer reviews

This is where a potential candidate most often encounters opinions about the company as an employer. It is worth not only monitoring the opinions that appear and reacting to them by auditing whether the given situations are real and take place - if so, we introduce improvements immediately. However, on this portal we may find opinions which are not confirmed by facts and it is worth referring to them and explaining. It is worth taking care of the opinions of current employees in advance and affect the fair image of the company.


The goal of Glassdoor is to help you find a job at your dream company. It is just starting its operations in Poland. Glassdoor is a website that allows you to create an employer profile, and current and former employees rate companies and provide information about them. It also allows users to anonymously submit and review salaries, as well as search and apply for jobs.

google business profile

When searching for information about a particular employer, one of the first steps is to type "company name + reviews" into Google. Thanks to the fact that most companies caring about their visibility on the Internet have a business card in Google, people interested in employment can easily read opinions about a given company added by other users.

facebook review

Similarly to the company's profile on Google, on the brand's page on Facebook we can read not only the opinions about the company, but also read the publications on the profile or establish contact in an instant way by sending questions via messenger.

Job offer promotion portals

One of the most popular IT job boards in Poland. In addition to activities focused around the promotion of jobs Just Join IT team strongly supports recruitment practitioners in learning about modern methods and practices of building 'Employer branding'.

No Fluff Jobs

As we read on the website of the portal, No Fluff Jobs is the first portal in Poland for the IT industry with mandatory wage spreads. According to Google Analytics for the period: 29.09.2017 - 29.09.2018 the number of portal views exceeded more than 690 thousand.

Employee recruitment and onboarding process


VideoAsk introduces a new dimension of contact with its audience on the website - a sense of live conversation through the use of the video format and the possibility of interaction.

Simply record a video asking a question via phone or computer, share the link and wait for answers. Users can play the video of the task and respond via video, voice or text message. All responses are saved to your VideoAsk account for review and response via video.


With this software, employers increase their reach and thus attract the attention of more job seekers. Through better employer branding and employee referrals, even passive candidates become applicants. Feedback Solution encourages candidates and employees to share their employer ratings publicly. This creates an authentic, holistic view of the company and strengthens the employer brand.


This is a talent acquisition platform that makes the hiring process more controllable. From an ad page generator to tracking tools, collecting candidate profiles, recruiters can more effectively source real talent applying for selected positions.



Calendly is an app for scheduling appointments, meetings and events. It effectively replaces a number of emails sent or phone calls made to schedule appointments. Simply send your availability with a Calendly link even if your callers are not active users of this solution.


Weekdone is a tool that helps you effectively use the OKR methodology to set and achieve goals in your organization in weekly iterations. What deserves special attention here is the intuitive and attractive interface, desktop and mobile application, extensive and accessible knowledge base and dedicated support of the application authors, as well as integration with such tools as: Slack, Google Tasks, Basecamp, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Jira, Asana, Zapier.

Employee benefits


At a time when a significant number of organizations have opted for a remote working model, taking care of the maximum level of employee efficiency has become an even greater priority. So in order for the members of the organization to be able to focus on their tasks and not be distracted by home responsibilities the Ask Henry platform comes to their aid. It's an innovative benefit that helps to carry out the daily affairs of employees.


The tools we have presented are selected solutions in their category that we have used in the past. We know that the tool is supposed to be an improvement to the work, not an adaptation to the tool so it is worth spending enough time to properly evaluate the available solutions in order to make the best choice. That is why we encourage you to keep testing the tools and also to share with us the ones that you find valuable and are not included in our list.




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