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Make better Business in 2017 with these tools

You have seen that Bert face? I had the same when I found couple of useful time saving tools in my everyday work. I want to save you that feeling. I have decided to share with you tools which helps to do good job faster. Hope you will share yours tools or opinions of using them in comments.


One place to manage your profile photos

Image is worth a thousand words they say

Enrich you presentation with Videos

Share the data in attractive way - infographic


Get informations about a person you are contacting in a glance (GMail extension)

Schedule meetings hassle free

You should take care of yourself or even let someone take care of you. Personal butler

Mail, Calendar and Documents/Multimedia Hosting GSuite


Let others know where you'll be and get in touch with them now.

Gather informations about a person you meet before your meeting come

Finding prospects email addresses

Track your documents activity

Find your Twitter audience

Reaching prospects

Marketing Automation Platform

Schedule all your marketing and social media activities

Sales Automation

Shorten communication with Clients using chat and stop wasting your traffic

Start small with collecting sales informations

You want to implement professional sales automation tool?

Slack bots

New hire onboarding slack bots

Public Relations

Get press release with smart outreach


Diversify Your Hiring Strategy

Improve diversity, hire faster, and build stronger teams through great employee connections.


Find best talents to do the stuff



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