V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures.

Let's have a brief look on a method which will help you to align your organisation with your goals.

V2MOM: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles, Measures.


Is the painted picture of future goal. The better you will describe it. The bigger chances of immersion it wil have.


Represents principles or beliefs that are most important to you when you follow towards the vision. They guide you everyday.


Represents the actions you take to achieve your vision.


Are problems that block your progress. If you will identify them in advance - you have bigger chances to find the way to resolve them before they will appear.


Tells you when you succesfully accomplished your methods. They focus on the measurable outcomes of your work.

V2MOM example:

Vision: To achieve exponential growth of companies I work with implementing new methods and making work enjoyable.

Values: Trust, Professionalism, Respect, Humble, Smile


1. Build strong personal brand

2. Promote personal brand

3. Work with ambitious companies.

4. Make an impact.

Knowledge, Experience, Agile,


1. Building brand from scratch - feasible strategy, plan, self discipline, motivation and courage.

2. Lack of trust.


1.Sales: 15 prospects, 5 leads, 2 clients a month.

2. Marketing: Writing 4 blog articles a month.

3. Accounting: ROI positive in second month.