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"Elon Musk" by Ashlee Vance book summary

Elon Musk... Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future is an in-depth, extensively-researched, and balanced biography by Ashlee Vance, a well-known business and technology columnist who has written for the Economist, BusinessWeek, and the New York Times.

Described as the Thomas Edison or the Iron Man of our times, Musk is painted as an eccentric industrialist – both inventor and business man – with insanely big vision, the impressive capacity to deal with stress, and the often jarring but necessary capability to squeeze the most out of his people. To put the Musk oddity in context, after the Silicon Valley implosion in the turn of the millennium, entrepreneurs and investors started playing it safe, often working on incremental improvements, whereas Musk never gave up on his leap-forward visions. To the point that those closest to him were following him around to make sure he wasn't actually going insane.



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