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Flight tickets buying guide

Aggregator websites

These are the ones that you can use to search for plan tickets. They compare th eoffers of the air companies. Simple way to find tickets at the lowest price.

Most popular aggregator websites are:

Different search engines can sort results differently. It can result to 10% of the full ticket cost!

Don't miss their great features as email subscriptions to track price changes!

Time of a day

Try to pick least traffic times at airports and while commuting. It can save you a lot of time (and money).

Departure day

Flight tickets prices depends on the departure days. Most of the time the cheapest days are those in the middle of the week Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Sunday Rule

If you spend the night from Saturday to Sunday in the destination then the tickets will be much cheaper. Businessman really wants to spend the weekend at home and they are keen to pay a little extra for that, tourists usually don't

Consider choosing connection flights

Most of the times they are cheaper. You can use stopover - connection that is no longer than 24 hours. You can visit more for less money. Don't forget to apply for stopover (and make sure your flight support this feature).

Change dates

If specific date doesn't really matter to you, change the departure days +/- 3-7 days can save you a lot of money.

Look for details

Some air companies can charge you fees:

  • for a printout when paying offline,

  • for printing a ticket (some airlines accept only printed tickets)

  • for booking a ticket

Have any tips that you use when buying a plane tickets? Share them in comments!



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