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Competitor analysis tools to increase website traffic in 2020

Are you working tirelessly on your site performance and wondering how it compares to the website of your competitors?

Being aware not only of your company's weaknesses and strengths but competitors can be a solid foundation on which you can set strategy. It might be also a breath of inspiration. You can grasp a piece of knowledge on how your company rank on a market.

Recent years have led to the creation of plenty of marketing tools. I have created a list of benchmarking tools that hopefully might help you in benchmark analysis.

This quote can also give some additional inspiration:

“All men work more zealously against their enemies than they cooperate with their friends.” – Caesar quoted in Schiff’s Cleopatra page 19

What is competitor analysis?

Identifying your company competitors and evaluating them (strengths and weaknesses). Then compare them to your business. Finding their pricing strategy, customer care best practices for their services or products, earnings, stock prices, company culture. These insights are helpful to fine-tune your company marketing strategy.

Why conduct a competitor analysis?

To find new opportunities for your business and to check how you rank among the competition. These insights will help you in boosting your marketing strategy.

Competitor analysis tool

Available tools on the market (apps, software) will help you gather important information about the competition and your brand. It will be helpful to measure the work on improvements too. More often than not those tools bring also additional know-how.

The general competitor analysis tool

Automated Competitive Intelligence Platform that monitors your rivals, allowing you to craft your product and strategy in a way that answers your customer needs best.

Analyze multiple areas of a competitor's online marketing strategy to get an overview of their efforts and spot possible areas of revenue.

Web Traffic Tool.

The suite of features that help you optimize your web presence.

Google Speed measuring tool.

Competitor analysis tool for SEO

Analyzes SEO metrics of different URLs providing information about your competition.

Comprehensive and sophisticated tool giving a lot of important information (guidance to improve SEO by live metrics showing the quality of a post, readability, number of words, target keywords and recommended keywords)

Research your competitors, monitor your niche, grow your search traffic.

Competitor's backlink analysis tool

Link analysis and site explorer tool.

Social Media Analytics

The strategic decision-making process made easier with access to rich social data analytics.

Check statistics for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram.

Analysis of paid advertising and Pay Per Click tools

Reveal competitor's Paid Advertising Strategy with its top Keywords and monthly budget

Check the performance advertising of your competitors and adjust accordingly.

SERP ranking tools

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) are the pages displayed by search engines in response to a query by a searcher. Such a platform provides competitive insight and market analysis.

Searchmetrics SEO visibility score shows how well the website domain is ranking (you can check how the competitors are doing too).

Two already mentioned tools have access to SERP data

Don't be focused on tracking your website performance only. You will not know how you stand within industry amongst your competitors. Have a look around. It is important to identify opportunities as it is important to correct your mistakes.

Thanks for getting through the article. Let us know if you have any comments, recommendations or would like to suggest some nitty products.

If you want more you can check Competitive Analysis and Market Research guide Q&A guide for marketers for marketing practitioners or you can reach out to via contact form.



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