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How to make a quarterly or annual company planning.

We have all been in a place where when it comes to annual planning where are going into details and get frustrated that we shall kick off execution. Just couple of months later to abandon the plan.

Why to reinvent the wheel as we can make out of others experiences. Particulary seven year at Airbnb and ten years at Eventbrite (Neils Gilbreth , Lenny Rachitsky).

So lets have a look at "W Framework", a step by step process for quarterly and yearly planning with plug-and-play templates (like this one)

Company Strategy


To drive innovation in digital world by delivering robust software solutions.


To create remote software development company by connecting tech talents around the globe and giving them opportunity of dynamic growth of their skills.


1. Create a meaningful software.

2. Communication is the key.

3. ABL (Always be learning).

4. Focus on user and the rest will follow.


Build 4 digital products that will have 2 million active users.


2-3 paragraphs of what strategy is and why we are going to pursue it.

Strategic pillars:

What is it?

Itemize the major bets or investments you believe you need to make in order to be successful.

1. e.g. Expand our offering on US market.

2. ...

3. ...

Strategic Pillar 1:

What is it?

Short description of this pillar, e.g. We would like to expand our offering on US market.

Why is it important?

Give some context on why it is important.

What will success look like?

1-2 sentences decribing how you know if you have succeeded at this pillar.

Key initiatives:

What are the distinct tracks of work that will be nevessary to undertake in order to achieve this?

Sounds like a plan? Let's do this.



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