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"Brandscaping" by Andrew Davis book summary

Brandscaping... a book about unleashing the power of partnerships... by content marketing expert Andrew Davis.

Digital customer acquisition channels quickly become saturated and we need to be on the constant lookout for the next frontier. Did you know that the first banner ad by AT&T had a 78% click-through rate?

Now, digital advertisers consider a click-through rate of 0.02% actually pretty decent!

Brandscaping is built on the idea that paid media is unsustainable and the solution is content marketing. But content marketing is also becoming unsustainable because, given the exponential growth of content production, it requires a ton of resources, and it's only getting worse.

Perhaps the biggest mistake content marketers make is that they put the brand first and the consumer second.

So when they produce their own content, it revolves around the brand itself, instead of its target audience.

The result is inauthentic content against which today's consumer is completely immune.

Brandscaping is a set of novel ideas and rich mini-case studies that illustrate how to develop a content marketing strategy that works!




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