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Content Promotion Checklist.

Most of the companies (if not all of them) have limited resources so they need to make priorities and implement plan accordingly. Therefore we should be aware of the channels our customers are consuming the content. It should be on of the questions asked to your customers during customers interviews and should be placed in your Ideal Customer Profile. Then we should have outlined which promotion channels we want to focus on.

Your content marketing strategy should cover also the way of distribution of your content.

Have a look at content promotion checklist to reassure we have taken all posibilities into account.


  • Plan your time

  • Choose Your Targeted Buyer Persona

  • Work with Copywriter for Promotion copy


  • Acquire Backlinks to Content

  • Promote Content with a Blog Post

Bots & Messaging

  • Add Bot to Related Website/Blog Pages

  • Link Content to Facebook Messenger for New Likes on the Page


  • Add Link to Content in Email Signature

  • Send Email to Leads and Customers

Social Media

Plan and Share Post on:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

Share on relevant groups

Schedule and Host a Live Event on:

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • Instragram

Live Events

  • Host a webinar to promote the Content

  • Share Content at Events and Conferences


  • Plug content to your podcast

  • Secure a guest spot on an industry

  • Podcast to promote the content

Influencer Marketing

  • Ask your network influencers to share

  • Reach out to new influencers to ask if they will share.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Add social sharing buttons on:

  • The content itself

  • Content landing pages

Ask employees to share with their personal and professional networks

Content Syndication

  • Promote with an external guest post on an industry blog

  • Submit to external publishing site like Medium.

Repurpose Content

  • Use your content for a new idea (turn a blog post into an infographic and share it on Pinterest).

Paid Search

  • Set up Google Search (AdWords) campagin

Paid Social

  • Create Social Ad Designs and Copy

  • Create social media campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn).


  • Script, Shoot and edit promotional video

  • Add video to relevant website pages

  • Share video on social media (Youtube)

I hope this list helped you in your efforts of delivering content by the channels your readers will consume.

If there are some channels you would like to share or discuss - let me know please.




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