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How to build your company to last?

I would like to start an cycle of blog posts about the topics which inspires me to to change my way of thinking.

I would like to bring to your attention educative Podcast: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffmann.

There are many interesting topics. I would like to present to episode "How to build your company to last?"

Forget being a "Unicorn." Learn to be a “Phoenix.” You can scale a company that lasts 100+ years, if you have the resilience to rise and fall, and rise again.

This episode inspired to honor 10 “Phoenix Companies”:

  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

For an inspiring, multi-generational toolbox of adaptability, innovation and family legacy (not to mention designs that are nothing short of iconic) Fiat is one of our favorite #PhoenixCompanies. Hear about their evolution from a "horseless carriage"

  • Radio Flyer

For 100 years of the little red wagon - reinvented as the little red tricycle ... and the little red Tesla. Radio Flyer is one of #PhoenixCompanies we admire. Hear about their 100+ year history of design, delight and comebacks on our new

  • GE

Hey General Electric, for your sense of scale (Hello, Panama Canal!), your leading voice in diversity and showing the masses how cool science is since 1892 — you're one of our favorite

  • Levi’s,

For personifying cool through generations — while remaining true to their cowboy roots (since 1853) Levi's.

  • IBM

From tabulators to electric typewriters, punch cards to Watson -- and yes for being among the first to understand the power of AI, there is a loooong list of reasons IBM is one of our favorite 100-year-old

  • Boeing

For the innovations that make mass-scale human flight possible, from the B&W seaplane to the 737 Max, at 101 years old, you're one of our favorite

  • Nikon

For 100 years of incredible foresight by way of binoculars, microscopes and must-have cameras... For equipping decades of photographers, Nikon is one of our favorite #PhoenixCompanies

  • ABC Carpet & Home

For asking the big questions ("Why are we here?") and transforming a brand known for quality carpets into a jaw-dropping high-end design destination ABC Carpet & Home is one of our favorite#PhoenixCompanies. Hear about their evolution in this week's episode of the Masters of Scale

  • Jim Beam

For preserving what's good (a 200-year-old recipe!) while experimenting with new flavors (literally), Jim Beam - established in 1795 - is one of our favorite #PhoenixCompanies

  • The New York Times

For continually reinventing media models (from "The Gray Lady" to "The Daily" podcast) while staying utterly true to a timeless mission since 1851, New York Times is one of our beloved

Just immerse yourself:



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