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How to write Testimonials.

What are testimonials?

Testimonials are written statements that praise a service or product. They are usually written by paying customers who were asked to share their experience with a particular item or service.

Why are testimonials effective?

They are sales pitches that come from customers who use and enjoy a service. Therefore they are no longer marketing claims they become claims with evidence. As a third-party endorsement they build trust. They are an important form of social proof. Testimonial are effective because they increase your conversion rates.

Benefits of testimonials


Customers can find it easy to emphatize with the authors of testimonials and start to picture themselves using the same service. Human element like testimonials to a marketing campaign is an effective way for brands to communicate with the public.


Customers are more likely to trust the word of a fellow consumer than an advertising pitch from a brand. Authentic testimonials can be an effective way of marketing to skeptical customers.

Reduced cost

It is a cost-effective form of marketing. Customers who truly love a product and want to support the company are likely to give a testimonials. Testimonials may be able to reduce costs on advertising costs and reduce marketing budget.

How are testimonials written?

Most popular format is:

  • Photograph of the customer (LinkedIn is a good start)

  • Customer's name, role at the company, name of the company

How to get testimonials

Reach out to your most happy, loyal customers and invite them to provide testimonial. Be sure to acknowledge their support and how much their business means to the company. Customers are likely to supply you with positive reviews.

e-mail Topic: Just a quick favor.

Hi Josh.
I hope you and your company are doing fine. I can see your website got many updates and improvements recently. Keep doing that please.
As we are really proud of cooperation with you and results are compelling - we would love to share this information with the world. In form of a testimonial. Would you mind to do so?
Testimonial will have your photo (LinkedIn or the one you will supply us with), your role at the company, and company name of course. It will be 30-50 words authentic opinion about cooperation with us and results (with "how" and "why").
If it's ok with it, I can send you a short draft for you to review or you can write couple of sentences and send it over. Whatever suits you.
I appreciate it.

Where to use testimonials

  • Company websites: Next to the service it mentions, put your best testimonials on your most popular pages, put testimonials with keyphrases on pages that are optimized for that phrase

  • Email newsletters

  • Social Media Posts

  • Promotional videos




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