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"Innovation Thinking Methods" by Osama Hashmi book summary

"Innovation Thinking Methods for the Modern Entrepreneur: Disciplines of Thought That Can Help You Rethink Industries and Unlock 10x Better Solutions"

... by entrepreneur and startup community builder, Osama Hasmi. In recent years, entrepreneurs have been focusing increasingly on lean startup techniques and incremental improvements: the next alarm clock, yet another to-do-list app, or the 100th dry-cleaning service. Perhaps it's time we restarted a conversation around 'thinking big'... and coming up with those '10x better' solutions that get everybody excited. Luckily, the author has done much of the hard work, putting together over 20 frameworks to exercise those '10x better' problem-solving muscles... His goal is to help young entrepreneurs identify opportunities worth pursuing, in their quest to build meaningful things that truly make the world a better place.




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