movies that every business practitioner should watch

Inspirations can point us in new directions of personal or organisational development, and even give us the energy to pursue them. For years, cinema has been regarded as one of the most powerful media influencing people. An attractively told story enriched with images lined with moving sound - stimulates our imagination and arouses emotions, making us remember them as strongly as our own experiences. Film is associated with entertainment and time reserved rather for relaxation - but we can use this time usefully - getting to know the storylines on which we can base our professional activities.

This post is about a list of 10 inspiring titles with a brief rationale for the choice, key quotes and ratings for each work. So, let's start the screening together!


Why is this film worth seeing?

A documentary about the following changes in current mass culture. Don't be fooled if it's not your taste in music (hip-hop, pop, rock and more). Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre have achieved success in the music industry as producers. They bought it with mistakes that they openly talk about. One of the highlights of their careers was their accurate assessment of the coming crisis in the music industry. They saw it as an opportunity. They teamed up to create and promote Beats headphones. They became billionaires when the company was bought by Apple.

Favourite quote:

“Records are like children. You never met a mother with an ugly baby, okay? I never had a flop. They just wasn’t as popular as the other ones.”

The creative process can blind us to an objective assessment of the product we deliver. Especially if we have a few successes behind us.

“There’s nothing more humbling than putting out a fucking flop.”

There is nothing more astringent than the release of a 'rot'.

"Every producer knows that you're only as good as the artist that you're working with, because that artist could either make or break you. No matter how great your track is, the artist that you're working with or the writer that you're working with has the ability to make it magic or fuck it up."

Translating this into business language - investors, mentors, consultants - try to do their best to help build the best business. The success of an artist or startup affects their image.

Ocena na IMDb: ★ 8.5 / 10

2. Money ball

Why is this film worth seeing?

This is a story about perseverance, numbers, consistency and a pinch of luck. About the kind of luck that occurs when you combine the right preparation with the opportunity that presents itself. Most may not be right, and yet we think that if they do then they must be right. That can be a recipe for failure. Billy Beane didn't have the money for top players like rival teams. He concentrated on what he has. He developed a way to nurture players. He changed the team's priorities by analyzing data and operating in an area where the competition was absent - high school players.

Favourite quote:

"Why do you like him?""Because he gets on base."

Are you looking for someone to sell services? Look at these candidates with high emotional intelligence - they are able to reach out and understand the client's problem and sell them a solution.

"You're not even looking at the problem".

Find the real problem of the industry. Then focus on finding a way to solve it. Don't be swayed by aspects going on around you, don't listen to experts or those who are emotionally involved - they are all behind the status quo and part of the problem.

Ocena na IMDb: ★ 7.5 / 10

3. Get Me Roger Stone

Why is this film worth seeing?

The documentary explores the biography of Roger Stone, an American conservative, consultant and lobbyist behind the campaigns of conservative politicians winning the US presidency: Richard Nixon, George W. Bush, but also described as the chief architect of Donald Trump's campaign, among others. It is a film that perfectly depicts the contemporary image of building a personal brand based on crowd psychology and meticulously planned marketing activities that help win presidential elections.

Favourite quote:

"You play by the rules as they're written. When they change the rules, you change the way you play the game."

You play by a set of rules. When the rules are changed - you change your way of playing.

"A man is not finished when he is defeated. He's only finished when he quits."

A defeated man is not a loser. He only becomes one when he gives up.

"Hate is a stronger motivator than love."

Hate is a stronger emotion than love.

Ocena na IMDb: ★ 7.3 / 10

4. Halt and catch fire

Why is this film worth seeing?

Early 1980s, an unruly trio (a visionary, an engineer and a talented programmer) risk everything to realise their vision of building a computer that can change the future. They take part in a race to capture the mass market for PCs against such giants as IBM (a flaw is discovered in its operation that opens the door to competition).

Favourite quote:

"Progress depends on our changing the world to fit us. Not the other way around."

Progress depends on us changing the world to su