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Since covid-19 prospects are closer than ever (one Zoom call away).

Yes, you read it right.

Since covid-19 prospects are closer than ever. Majority of business offices are closed and their employees are now working remotely mostly from their homes. This mean everyone have equal chances to effective communication using latest technology. Without need of commute (energy, time and money consumption). This creates an opportunity for you. No one is questioning remote work anymore. This give some extra space in their daily plan. As video call can take 15 minutes there is a chance people will find available time slot for it. People are more open for a video calls than ever. How cool is that?

Networking only on big conferences or events?

Not this year and probably not too soon on such scale. But does it have to be a physical event?

Of course not! Attending a physical is great way to engage with prospects and customer using verbal and non verbal communication. But such events had some downsides too like: buying a ticket, transportation and accomodation cost, and having a couple of days out of your calendar. Now you don't have any of these problems. You just search the event, choose the right one and schedule a time. You join the event and network using latest technology, take part in panel talks, watch presentation, then you reach out interesting people on LinkedIn without any time delay (normally it took almost a week after and event when you could reach out someone).

Local meetups which were harder to find and attend are more open for people who are able to deliver solution and expertise for their community.

So are you ready to take off?

Have a look at how many events are happening:

Don't miss out!

Yes, it's harder to promote. The level of information noise has skyrocketed. We all receive more newsletters, LinkedIn invitations, webinar invitations, email campaigns and retargeting campaigns. We need to get more into our niche and right to the point being persisten too.




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