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3 Social Media metrics that matter.

Social media metrics gives you a chance to demonstrate the value of work given to social media presence of your business. It might help you make smarter, data-driven decisions and actions. In this article we will focus on basic metrics which you might start tracking from day one.

Clicks to website

It measures the number of people driven to your website from social media. So actually it may start the user down the marketing funnel. As you can see this may be the most important metric to follow.


Is the number of actions taken by someone who visits or see social posts. It includes liking the page, subscribing to the page, likes, shares, retweets, comments.


This metric tell how your content was distributed by Social network.It does not mean that follower seen the content. It measures the total potential for followers to see the content.

It is a bit more tricky than it may seem. Each platform has its own algorithm. Which is not precisely specified and the way it work is constantly changing day by day.

Let's take some example to understand it better.

Reach of 39 000 means the content was pushed out to those 39 000 followers, but those 39 000 people would have to have been seeing the content in their timeline at the same time (for the reach to be fulfilled).

LinkedIn and Twitter content is delivered for every follower of the page (they have to be on the platform at the moment to see it in a timely manner.)

Facebook and Instagram reach is determined by custom algorithms too - content is pushed to chosen followers.

Tracking consistently those 3 social media measurements over time you will be able to understand the impact of your social media activity.




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