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Workcation as a way of exploring the world.

Restaurant cafe in volcanic cave, Havier, Lanzarote (Spain).

Right after my reply: "You can do workcationing (bouncing around with colleagues to different location around the world, working along the way)." I got reply that "it sounds interesting, what is it about?". So i decided to give a longer explanation in this blog post.

Workcation is a blend of work and vacation at the same time. Not exactly same time of course as you are working full time but you are in a new spot which you planned to visit. Rest of the time can be well spent on exploring different country, learn culture, gain experience, develop new language skills, make new friends and even international contacts.

The idea is not completely new. I can recall the model from my college time. During the summer break some of people decided to give a try Work&Travel USA which is an official cultural exchange program created and supervised by USA. The program enables students an opportunity to travel to United States. You could go for 2-3 months to USA where you could work and earn money so the rest of the time you could spend on traveling.

Times are different nowadays, working model evolved and technology just surprassed the expectations in many area of life (communication, transport revolution to name just a two). New generations of employees are having high expectations not only for themselves in terms of quality work and efficiency. They would like to have opportunity to travel the world during the development of their dynamic career path. As we know wages have increased costs of traveling have decreased. Is there better time to make most out of it? I don't think so. Workcation was born.

Just have a look how workcation can be implemented in a company looking at one of these examples.

If you like the concept you could follow this plan and start your first workcation mode.

  1. Present the workcation in your company with all the benefits, risks and disadvantages too.

  2. See if there are more people interested in this way of work.

  3. Try to form a group and jump into preparing an action plan.

  4. Prepare rules, analyze the risks and how you want to mitigate them.

  5. Meet decision makers within your company and try to fing middle ground of making your plan work.

  6. Plan and make your workcation fun too.

  7. Right after your first trip - share your experiences and improve plan for the next one.

I hope you liked this post. Share in the comments you thoughts please. Have a nice workcation!




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